Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Better World Films Index

Better World Films makes available, films in various categories.
All the films are available on YouTube.

Also the films are available free for Public Access TV stations.
Phone your local public access TV station and request they broadcast shows you would like broadcast to your local community. The station can download any of the shows from PEGMedia.org.

Shows can be previewed on these YouTube channels
https://www.youtube.com/FilmForJustice                 - Home page with playlists
https://www.youtube.com/FilmForJustice/videos       - Full list of videos

https://www.youtube.com/BetterWorldFilms             - Home page with playlists
https://www.youtube.com/BetterWorldFilms/videos  - Full list of videos
https://www.youtube.com/BetterSpokane               - Home page with playlists
https://www.youtube.com/BetterSpokane/videos    - Full list of videos

View each category's films:

Better World Films - Films nurturing a better world for everyone - people and nature.

Films for Nature - Nature films
Water Planet News - Nature news not covered by mainstream media. Inland Pacific Northwest and the world's water and other nature issues.
Voices For Water - Films about water issues - local and global. 
Rich Leon - Beautiful nature films
Salmon Back Home - In The Spokane River Region & Other Ancestral Homes

Water Is Life - It's Sacred - Hear Native American elders, the salmon and generations unborn through Deb Abrahamson's voice. Watch the toxic pollution of the land and water come as the dams are built and deadly uranium is mined by digging giant open pits in tribal land, through Deb's stories from her people.

Walkin' Jim Stoltz - Singer, Songwriter and Story Teller for Wilderness, Music & Stories for nature.
Pam Larratt - Creative song writer & piano artist

Films Nurturing Localization - Community, Sustainability, People, Gardens

Brethren Voices Films - Nurturing people throughout the world with service projects and much more.
Dr. Don Baham - Great hour long interviews. 

Film for Justice - Justice for everyone - people and nature.
Gary Null Films  - Social Justice,  Healthy Lifestyles
911TV               - 911 issues and other concerns related to these issues.

Better Days Films -  A series of one hour shows. Each hour is of several progressive films. Just under 58 Minutes.


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