Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Stacy Cossey Films -

To see the full up to date list of films on YouTube click here:

How To Make These Films Available For Your Public Access TV Station

- Films for your local public access TV station(s) to broadcast for your community.

Phone your local public access TV station and ask them to broadcast this show to your local community. Your station can download the show in TV broadcast format from .

These films are available for any Public Access TV stations in the country - and world - to broadcast.

Stations that use Telvue, DVDs or other media can send email to for instructions.

All these shows are ready to broadcast to you community. More on the way.
Give your station a call and follow up - so each week these empowering shows are broadcast.

Here is a list of some of the public access TV sations in Washington State
Public Access TV Stations In Washington State

Good luck and have fun bringing new nurturing shows to your community.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Public Access TV Stations In Washington State

Public Access TV Stations By State - Public, Education, Government - PEG Stations

Here are some of the Public stations in Washington state - the Education and Government PEG stations are not included in this list.

If your Public Access TV station is not listed here - let us know.

Once you have phoned and requested you local station broadcast shows you feel are helpful for your community - let us know the station and what they had to say. Follow up as need be to make sure the show(s) get broadcast.

We will let you know of other interested people in your community so you can work together to get more nurturing shows broadcast you your public access TV station.

It would be great to have people calling their local public access station in every community of the state - what a good difference that will make.

If your community doesn't have a public access TV station - and has cable TV - perhaps it is time to start your own public access TV station - giving you community a voice for a change.



City/county Population served Charter type Station name Web site
Clark County; Vancouver 238,000 P Fort Vancouver Community TV (FVTV-11)
Cowlitz County; Longview 35,000 P KLTV – Channel 11
Jefferson County; Port Townsend 8,000 PEG Port Townsend TV – Channel 48 (PTTV)
King County (South); Seattle
P Puget Sound Access
King County; Seattle
P Seattle Community Media - Comcast Ch 77/Wave Ch 23
Kitsap County; Bremerton 50,000 P Bremerton – Kitsap Access TV (BKAT)
Kittitas County; Ellensburg 15,000 PG Ellensburg Community TV (ECTV)
Mason County; Union
PG Hood Canal Communications Local – Channel 46
Thurston County; Olympia 43,000 PEG Thurston Community TV 3 (TCTV)
Bainbridge Island 20,000 P Bainbridge Island TV (BITV)
Des Moines
PG Des Moines Cable TV Public Access Channel
Ellensburg 15,000 PG Central Washington University (KCWU-15)
Normandy Park
PG Normandy Park TV (NPTV-21)
Pullman 25,000 P Washington State University Cable 8 Productions
PEG Puget Sound Educational Service District Educational TV (PSETV)
Seattle 563,000 P Seattle Community Media (SCM)
Seattle 563,000 PE University of Washington TV Research Channel (UWTV)
Spokane 184,000 PEG Community-Minded TV – Channel 14 (CMTV)
Toppenish 8,946 P Mid Valley TV (MVTV)
P Voice Of Vashon (VoV-T.V.)
Whidbey Island
PE Oak Harbor School District TV – Channel 21 (WildcatTV) (WCTV)
Yakima 72,000 PG Yakima Community TV (YCTV); Yakima Public Affairs (Y-PAC)